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So impressed with these books! I purchased the whole set- I love how unique each book is with all the characters, storyline, and a learning nuggets. They made a great Christmas gift for my niece. I sure hope more great books come from cheer-ebooks.com.



Get Ready for Teddy! This third book in the series is really great. As usual, the illustrations by Ryan are wonderful and the story line will comfort, encourage and entertain any kid who has the pleasure of reading about Teddy and his adventures. Simon, Artie and Teddy are all so endearing - I'm collecting them all and am looking forward to more great stories from Michelle and Ryan.

Amazon - Matt Ferrari


Teddy The Unready Tyrranousaurs Rex is a great book. Teddy The Unready Tyrranousaurs Rex is a great book fot all ages. It is a book about a Tyrranousaurs Rex that is not ready to go to school. He is smaller than the other Tyrranousaurs Rexes, and he is bullied by a huge Tyrranousaurs Rex called Big Rex. But, when a big dinousaur comes, Teddy scares them off. Then, Teddy feels ready to go to school. The book is illustrated by Ryan Netten, and is written by Ryan's mom, Michelle Netten. She is a long time childrens' book author, and I think that children and the parents will enjoy this book.

Barnes & Noble, Leah, Rain & Kendall Skratt


Hooray for Teddy! I recently showed up at my niece's baby shower with three books by the Netten duo in hand, Simon the Slow Penguin, Artie the Sleepy Bat and this new book, Teddy the Unready Tyrannosaurus Rex. My nephew is not yet born, but the books were read one after another by another aunt to several children in attendance! After one book was finished, a kid would grab the next one and jump back on a lap or couch and say, "please read more!" So far Teddy is my personal favorite! The illustrations are darling - I love little Teddy!!

Amazon, Laura Botimer



Love the pictures. Artie the Bat has a serious problem, and his friend Harvey is trying to help him find an answer. Cute, colorful book illustrated by the author's son. Love the pictures! Kids of all ages will enjoy Harvey's fun solutions for his friend's dilemma.

Amazon - Becky "Rebecca Carey Lyles"


Another Great Story Book. After reading "Simon The Slow Penguin", I was really looking forward to this next book. Just like the first one, I loved it! The pictures are so much fun and the story will be enjoyed by any reader. I highly recommend this book and look forward to more books to come in this series.

Amazon - Matt Ferrari


Artie Delights! Artie is another favorite character created by the Netten duo! The story is entertaining for young and old and the illustrations are bright and delightful! If you're looking for a good book to read while snuggling with your kids, here's one to add to your collection! Amazon - Laura Botimer




Wonderful Children's Book! I love sweet Simon the slow penguin! I've purchased several copies and have given them to friends with young children and they've been enjoyed over and over!

Amazon - Laura Botimer


I Love This Book! I love this book! The pictures are great and the story will appeal to and engage children of all ages. Ryan's artwork makes this book especially endearing. I highly recommend this book!

Amazon - Matt Ferrari


But Simon Does Not Like to Exercise. Simon the Penguin is so slow he ends up with leftovers at feeding time in the zoo. His uncle suggests exercise will help, but Simon does not like to exercise. Instead, he searches for other ways to become a faster penguin. Children will enjoy the colorful illustrations as well as Simon's crazy escapades.

Amazon - Becky "Rebecca Carey Lyles"


Delightful books! I especially like that it is a mother/son team!

Amazon - Arlene


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