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Welcome to my "Safe Web for Kids" resources page. This page is permanently in progress -- as the Web evolves, more and more "schtuff" comes at us -- fun things, scary things, and best of all, useful and informative tools to help us keep our kids' Web use safe and fun -- as well as teach them how to apply safe practices for themselves.


Resources for Good Parenting and Safe Web for Kids:


See my growing list of resources available below. If you've found some resources you rely on and would like to share on this page, please feel free to recommend them to me at


1. Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU), Walt Mueller:

     -- Learning My Lines Blog Walt Mueller's blog (scroll for more articles, archive links in lower right column)


2. HomeWord Center for Youth and Family, Jim Burns:

     -- Parent Newsletter: Homeword's Good Advice Parent Newsletter:

     -- Parenting Radio Broadcasts


3. - great site to check movies, games, books, and more.


4. Control app purchases on your iPhone - one way to not wind up with $200 in "oops" app purchases!


5. Vid Angel -- "Protect your kids from sex, swearing and violence in streaming movies." I haven't finished researching this one yet but it sure would be nice to have such an angel!


Notice: Some of these resources are provided by Christian organizations for parents and kids (ie, HomeWord, CPYU). If these beliefs are not your family's beliefs, you may still find some good Web-use resources.


Some sample subjects:


Fight to Save America's Youth:


The Tangled Web of Internet Porn:


Educating Kids & Parents About Drug Abuse:


Beware of Bad Influences on Your Kids:


Modeling Authentic Christianity:


Books - Jim Burns:

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality

Confident Parenting

How God Makes Babies

God Made Your Body

CD: Pure Foundations


Parenting Books - Walt Mueller and other authors

Youth Culture 101

Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture

Opie Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Questions Kids Ask About Sex

The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age by Catherine Steiner-Adair


I Want to Talk with My Teen about Movies, Music, and More...

Download: Teaching Kids to Filter Their Media Choices

How to Use Your Head to Guide Your Heart: A Guide to Making Responsible Media Choices

(Bundle Option and 3-Week Small Group Video Curriculum option)


Parenting Seminar topics:

Understanding your teenager: pre-teens and teens:

Confident Parenting:

Generation to Generation:







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